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Spam Zombie Detection And Blocking Mechanism

Abstract— Spam Zombie Detection and Blocking Mechanism is an online spam zombie detection system in network. Along with the detection it also blocks the zombie system detected within the network. Zombie is defined as a compromised machine within the botnet. Botnet is a network of the compromised machines and a single node within the botnet is called a bot. This system is based on powerful statistical tool called Sequential Probability Ratio Test. This system is mainly implemented over the private mailing system. It also provides the enhanced security mechanism in which if the system which has been hacked gets blocked within the network and the legitimate owner of the system is provided with the secure password changing mechanism so that the possibility of the system getting hacked next time will be reduced. It also provides the strong mechanism which identifies whether the current user is legitimate user of the system or not with the help of some question answer mechanism. The overall proposed system is simply given a name as a Spam Zombie Detection and Blocking Mechanism.