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Symbiotic Relationship Between Data Mining And Data Warehousing

Abstract: Nowadays in every industry , companies are moving toward the goal of understanding each customer individually and using that understanding to make it easier for the customer to do business with them rather than with competitors .In this paper it is shown how focus is changed from broad market segments to individual customers .It takes more than data mining to turn a product-focused organization into a customer-centric one. Data mining is a collection of tools and techniques. It is an attitude that business actions should be based on learning, that informed decisions are better than uninformed decisions, and that a methodology for applying the tools and techniques. In this paper, role of data warehouse is given as how it provides information gleaned from transactional data in a format that is much friendlier than the way it is stored in the operational systems where the data originated. Importance of neural networks and genetic algorithms is also discussed in this paper as neural networks have proven track record in many data mining and decision-support applications and genetic algorithms, which are also called evolutionary algorithms, have been applied to optimization problems in various industries.