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Implementation Of Quick Response Codes In Mobile Learning Using Cloud Based Application

The relevance of mobile technologies becomes apparent when we observe that the modern man is a mobile being, who is in a state of constant change. This change is across organisational structures, geographical locations etc. The objective of mobile learning is to enable learners to get knowledge anywhere at any time, with minimal investment. Currently, the education system is not completely online, and paper-based material continues to exist. We will be exploring a framework that mitigates the challenge of expensive learning material through mobile learning, cloud computing and quick response codes. There are reservations about mobile learning, and hence, we shall determine the pedagogical guidelines to be implemented in a mobile learning application. Lastly, an android mobile application named MARVEL has been developed, which incorporates all the specified elements mentioned above, and will serve as the tool for implementing the proposed framework. Certain software have been used to develop this application and we shall briefly describe them. Keywords— Mobile Learning; Cloud Computing; Qr Codes.