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Protective Headgear Using Smartphone Connectivity

Bike accidents are indubitably the most frequent & the main cause of injuries & sometimes death on roads. The reasons being extremely dense traffic on roads, over speeding, drunk driving, distraction to the rider. As we know that motorcycles doesn’t provide much protection to the rider in case of accident, which inspires us to build a passive safety system i.e. a smart helmet, which minimizes the chances of accident. Helmet provides the first stage of protection to the rider, but most of the riders violate the traffic rules laid by the government by avoiding the use of helmet. This system ensures that the rider is wearing a helmet before he starts the bike. Also, the additional features like alcohol detection to ensure that the rider is not under the influence of alcohol. The retention system is also being monitored. The bike won’t start if the retention system is not locked properly. So, the bike starts only after the rider puts on the helmet, locks the retention system and is having a non-alcoholic breath. The microphone & speaker arrangement in the helmet which has a wireless connection with the Smartphone will help the rider to navigate & attend/ reject calls without getting his hands off the handle. In addition to this, if it senses that there is any accident, it will intimate the nearest ambulance. Index Terms— Accelerometer, Alcohol Detection,Bike Accidents, Helmet, Ignition control.