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Prediction Of Heart Disease Using Ann And Data Mining Techniques

Heart disease prediction is complicated task in the field of medical sciences. There arises a need to develop a decision making system for detecting heart disease of a patient. In this project, we propose efficient ANN algorithm and improved K-means for heart disease prediction. Heart disease cannot be observed with a eye and comes directly when its limitations are reached. Bad decisions would cause death of a patient which affects the hospital reputation. To achieve a correct and cost effective treatment computer-based and decision making systems can be developed to make good decision. The main objective of this project is to develop a system which can determine and extract hidden knowledge related with heart disease from a past heart disease record. It detects heart disease and thus helps medical practitioners to make accurate clinical decisions which traditional decision making systems were not able to. This gives efficient treatments, it can help to reduce the treatments cost. Keywords— Back Propagation Neural Network, improved K-means Algorithm, Heart Disease Prediction.