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Beijing Air Pollution Analytical Study And Solution: Cloud Computing And Algorithmic Approach

The research paper discusses the reasons for pollution in China(Beijing) , the air pollution caused by industrial emissions and vehicular emissions ,adverse effects of pollution on society. The data analyzed over last year by Berkeley Earth foundation is used in our work. Measures we can take to control pollution , nullify its effect by effective action applying technology and new methods , use of cloud computing in analyzing data from reports , generating results and to predict results to take further actions and see geographical changes and weather changes and advert it before it further affects society. The cloud computing approach and algorithms are used to devise new routes. Specially A* algorithm is focused upon to find new routes that has minimum PM that is less than 2.5. New design for instruments are suggested which can be helpful in analysis of air quality. Keywords— NO2, Air pollution, SO2, Cloud computing ,Synchronization, A* algorithm , Dijkastra’s algorithm, parameters, Google maps , weather , SAMD, OSDB.