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SEEDAL: Secure, Energy-Efficient, Delay-Aware, And Lifetime-Balancing Routing Protocol For Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks

The latest research on Open Vehicle Routing (OVR) problems, a dynamic territory in operational research depends upon some features and requirements which can be contrasted with requirements in Wireless Sensor Networks domain. According to this perception, the computational overheads in Open Vehicle Routing can be compared to Routing problems in Wireless Sensor Network. To show that this methodology is possible, one data collection protocol called EDAL, was developed. The conservation of credibility and protection of the data is not considered in the outline of the EDAL protocol. Keeping in mind the end goal to conquer the issue with respect to the secure data transmission in EDAL, another protocol called SEEDAL, which remains for Secure, Energy-Efficient, Delay-Aware, and Lifetime-Balancing Routing Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks (SEEDAL) which provides a secure routing mechanism considering the concept of secret key sharing by means of encryption and decryption during the data transmission and data reception It likewise considers expense of giving security and some of its major impact on energy effectiveness. The design of SEEDAL protocol is efficient in terms of packet delay, network lifetime, energy efficiency, energy consumption. Keywords— Secure Data Transmission, SEEDAL, EDAL, Clustering, Data Aggregation.