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Handover Based On Mobile Velocity And HOM Adjusting By Fuzzy Logic Control In Macrocell/Femtocell LTE Network

In this paper, the improvement method of handover in Long Term Evolution network (LTE) between macrocell and femtocell base on velocity of UE and automatic Handover Margin (HOM)value adjusting by using Fuzzy Logic Control is proposed. The velocity of mobile is used to make handover decision to femtocell. Also, the threshold, difference between received signal power from the serving cell and one from the target neighbor cell, or HOM, is automatic adjusting by using Fuzzy Logic Control (FLC). The call drop rate caused by handover failure is the main input to FLC to change HOM value. The simulation is programmed on Matlab and using path loss channel model including shadow fading. Finally, the results show that the proposed method reduced the call drop rate as maximum as 63% in path loss channel simulation and the minimum can be reduced to 0% in shadow fading channel simulation. Keywords— Fuzzy Logic Control (FLC), Handover, Handover Margin (HOM), Velocity of user equipment (UE)