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Office Wireless Network Performance Improvement By Changing Wireless Routers Installment Pattern And Radio Channel Setting

In this paper, the performance of office wireless network is improved by installing the access points in different patterns, from linear pattern to the triangular pattern, and all access points frequency channels are also set to be different. The office wireless network is planned by the Air Magnet Planner and Survey tools. Then, three access points are installed in linear or triangular patterns on the office ceiling. Furthermore, the wireless signal is measured from every area in the office to show user efficiency by Ixia Ix Chariot Console and Endpoint tools. In addition, the transmission power of all access points is increased from the default value to improve signal quality and the using frequency band of each access points is set to be different for reducing interference signal. Finally, the triangular pattern routers installation with increased power and different radio channel setting has higher throughput efficiency and also lesser elapsed time than linear pattern installation with default power and default radio channel setting by 59.38Mbps and 505 seconds, respectively. Keywords— Frequency Channel, Throughput, Transmission Power.