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A Comparative Study Of Wireless Protocols With Li-Fi Technology: A Survey

In modem days many people are using wireless communication with low power consumption, increase the data rate and long-range communication by increasing the no of users. The wireless communication methods are transfer information between two or more devices using the radio transmitters, receivers, remote controls and Li-Fi technology. The Li-Fi is visible light communication (VLC) technology, developed by scientists Hass at University of Edinburg and deals with data transmission through LED light bulb that is over IEEE 802.157.7 standards used in personal area network (PAN). They explained as, “if LED is ON, transmit a digital data is 1 and likewise if the LED is OFF, transmit of a digital 0 or null or simply no data transmission happens”. The Wi-Fi gives us to speed up to 150mbps as per IEEE 802.11.n and directly connected computer to computer with the suitable network. Bluetooth devices of the application is a cordless mouse, keyboard, and hands-free headset. UWB is the high-bandwidth multi-communication. ZigBee is reliable for wirelessly networked monitoring and control networks. In this paper, we provide a study about the wireless communication standards, features, behaviors and power consumption. We present in this paper about the benefit of different application and comparison of different wireless protocols. Finally gives concussion from all the above technology. Index Terms— Bluetooth, Li-Fi, LED, Wi-Fi, wireless protocols, UWB, VLC, ZigBee.