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An Acknowledgement Based Approach For Routing Misbehavior Detection In MANET With AOMDV

A Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is a collection of mobile nodes (hosts) which communicate with each other via wireless links either directly or indirectly depending on other nodes. As the nodes in MANETs are free to move randomly, network topology of a MANETs may change rapidly and unpredictably. Due to the dynamic change in topology finding route is very difficult. In MANETs performing network function consumes energy and other resources so some nodes may misbehaves. For detecting routing misbehavior in MANETs lot of techniques such as wathdog, pathrater, TWOACK, SACK, End to End ACK scheme are available. But due to the disadvantages of the above scheme a new scheme called 2ACK is used. For path establishment, and routing purpose, an on-demand, multipath distance vector routing protocol(AOMDV)is used. On demand routing protocol with multipath capability can effectively deal with mobility induced route failures in MANETs. The main concept of the 2ACK scheme is to send two-hop acknowledgment in opposite direction to routing path. In 2ACK scheme, to reduce extra routing overhead, only a few of the received data packets are acknowledged. The performance of proposed system is evaluated on performance parameters such as Packet delivery ratio, delay, routing overhead.