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Enhancing Security Of Stored Biometric Template In Cloud Computing Using Fec

Abstract: Cloud computing is an emerging technology, where services get utilized instead of owning it. It has grown out of an amalgamation of technologies, including service oriented architecture, virtualization, Web 2.0, and utility computing. Most security problems associated with cloud computing which are viewed as problems cast stem from Loss of control, Lack of trust (mechanisms) and Multi-tenancy. These problems exist mainly in third party management models and even self- managed clouds suffer from these security issues. In this connection several authors have provided solutions using biometric technologies. The deployment of biometrics in various applications like commercial and government sectors that are outsourced to the cloud have raised the issues of biometric template security and privacy which are becoming more important in today’s technological world. Biometric research groups have done lot of work towards template security and are unable to provide foolproof techniques that can balance the security and privacy of a person. This paper presents a theoretical approach of key incorporation using Forward Error Correction (FEC) technique for cancelable biometrics to enhance the security of biometric template in cloud computing. This approach helps in correcting the errors during transmission which does not requires retransmission of data.