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A Dual Wideband Millimeter-Wavemicrostrip Antenna With Asymmetric Patch

Anew dual wideband millimeter-wave microstrip patch antenna proposed in this paper which is assigned to extremely high frequency (EHF) band applications. First, the antenna is design symmetrically onRO4360G2 substrate with dielectric constant 6.15. Second, the antenna is shifted about 0.6 mmthat leads to increase bandwidth, gain and also make dual resonance. The resonances of the asymmetric patch antenna has main bandwidth of 48.3 GHz (147.6 to 195.9 GHz) and 4.25 GHz bandwidth (38.28 to 42.53 GHz). Finally, the voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), gain and radiation pattern are studied. Keywords- Microstrip antenna, Wideband, Millimeter Wave, Extremely High Frequency.