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Secured Image Authentication By Watermarking In Digital Photography And Encryption Via Sd-Aies

Abstract—The three pillars of information security are integrity, confidentiality and availability and in this paper the confidentiality is assured by digital watermarking and the integrity is assured by SD-AEIS. Watermarking is the process of hiding digital information in a carrier signal the hidden information should, but does not need to contain a relation to the carrier signal. Digital watermarking holds significant promise as one of the keys to protecting proprietary digital content in the coming years. It focuses on embedding information inside a digital object such that the embedded information is in separable bound to the object. It is typically used to identify ownership of the copyright of such signal. Digital watermarks may be used to verify the authenticity or integrity of the carrier signal or to show the identity of its owners. It is prominently used for tracing copyright infringements and for banknote authentication. The advanced image encryption standard will encrypt the image and will protect from any attack from the third party.