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Minutia Fingerprint Recognition Based Secured Money Extraction Using Advanced Wireless Communication

Abstract: The main objective of this system is to develop an embedded system, which provides application in ATM Security. If user’s bank card or the password is stolen, the criminal will draw all cash within the shortest time, which will bring enormous financial loss to customer. Hence to rectify this problem we implement an authenticated application with the use of fingerprint recognition and GSM. In this system, bankers will collect the customer fingerprint and mobile number while opening the accounts which results in access to the ATM machine only be the authorized user. Advanced fingerprint recognition algorithm called minutiae based fingerprint recognition is implemented to improve the accuracy of the fingerprint image captured through poor scanners, are found to have fewer number of minutiae points. When the user places the ATM card, the security procedure starts with entering the pin number followed by registering the fingerprint in the fingerprint module. If authorized customers use this account, user can withdraw their money. If unauthorized users try to access any account, the GSM modem sends the message to the authorized user. If the user rejects that message, the transaction will be blocked. Hence this system aims to provide more secured cash withdrawal.