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Text to Speech Functionality in CICS Mainframe

Mainframe, being one of the oldest technologies being used, is seen as one which can serve only as a back-end to applications. An unappealing user interface is by far the most apt reason for this. The GUI can be improved by incorporating templates in CICS. Templates can be defined as a ‘User friendly GUI’ b y assisting a user in learning the various functionalities of an application package. A user friendly application is one thing that help us to deliver great product and attract customers. An attractive GUI is a must for any application, through which we have a control over the way customers interpret our application. In addition to this,we are also able to provide a text to speech interface that uses text message that be displayed and spoken, without actually closing the underlying application program in the Mainframe Environment. Additionally we will also discuss about developing a web application in Mainframe using HTML in CICS. Index Terms—Application, CICS, GUI, Text-To-Speech(TTS).