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An Effective Strategy of Merging & Partioning of Network of Nodes by Incurring in Mobile ADHOC Networks

Within this paper, we advise a safe and secure distributed dynamic IP configuration (IPv6) protocol called Secure and Distributed Robust Address Configuration(SDRAC) protocol for address allocation inside a handled MANET employed for mission critical programs where authentication of nodes is essential. Within this paper, we advise a minimaloverhead identity based distributed dynamic address configuration plan for secure allocation of IP addresses to approved nodes of the handled mobile random network. A brand new node will get an Ip from a current neighbor node. After that, each node inside a network has the capacity to generate some unique IP addresses from the own Ip, so it can further assign to more new nodes. Our suggested protocol takes proper care of these problems incurring less overhead as it doesn't require any message flooding mechanism within the entire MANET. Performance analysis and simulation results reveal that despite added security systems, our suggested protocol outperforms similar existing methods. Because of insufficient infrastructure, aside from security issues, this particular systems poses several design challenges for example high packet error rate, network partitioning, and network merging. Keywords— MANET, Address Allocation, Auto Configuration, Authentication, Security.