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Computer Independent Data Transfer Device

In today’s continuously evolving digital era, where the user wants everything accessible very easily, the use of a laptop or PC just for the sake of data transfer is not efficient. This paper discusses an innovative approach to avoid the use of computer for data transfer among distinct USB storage devices. The proposed system “Computer Independent Data Transfer Device” is a compact, portable device that can be carried anywhere and allows data to be transferred from one USB storage device to another USB storage device. It also allows data to be transferred in a wireless manner i.e. using Bluetooth/Wi-Fi technology.For ease of use, this device has a TFT LCD screen for graphical user interface(GUI)that allows the user to select files to be transferred and display options like cut-paste, copy-paste, sharevia. Various options like delete file, rename file, cancel operation are also provided. Keywords— Data transfer, Portable, USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi.