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Optimization of MPLS and IP Network in Voice Applications

The recent evolution of IP networks are seeing IP applications more complex and requiring higher bandwidth consumption. More recently, IP networks are employing MPLS which is a technique can be used to improve the performance of IP networks .By use of MPLS, data packets can be switched on the basis of labels rather than routed on the basis of destination address. MPLS support different features like Traffic engineering (TE), QOS and VPNs etc. key features of MPLS is its TE, which plays a vital role for minimizing the congestion by efficient load balancing and management of the network resources. The performance evaluation is done considering the network parameters latency, jitter, Packet, end to end delay, and packet delay variations. integration of TE with QOS may enhance the performance the of the network .Different Scheduling algorithms are used for implementing of QOS and to check their impact on the network and to identify suitable one among them the simulation is done using opnet Software and results are analyzed. Index Terms- MPLS, VOIP, TE, IP