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An Approach To Organize User Histories Using Data Mining Techniques

Today Internet and web search engines have become an important part in ones day to day life. Where Web search engines provides simple and yet user friendly interfaces, users give their queries in terms of simple words or keywords. Depending upon the keyword, the web search engine extract a list of web pages which rely primarily on the matching of the keywords. This approach has some limitations, like, the ambiguity of user needs, same keyword with different meaning in different context. Present search engines generally handle search queries or keywords without considering user preferences or contexts in which users submit their queries. At times, user also fail to use proper keywords that represent their information need accurately. Ambiguous keywords, different needs of users at different times, and the limited ability of user to precisely express what they need have been widely recognized as one of the challenging obstacle in improving search results. In this project work, hereby we propose an approach to improve the retrieval quality of web engine and refining the search results depending on the users need.