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Object Detection Using Image Processing For An Industrial Robot

In recent increasing need of automation, machine vision is supposed to be pioneer future technology. Industrial automation and robotics are at high demand in the industry as both of them directly affect the growth of industry. Autonomous robots with sophisticated sensors are used in such industries with accurate and précised work output. Utilization of sensors has made it possible to extend capabilities of industrial robots. Vision sensors are used for providing visual information to assist robot controllers. The robot controller uses the extracted object information and the simulation program to control the robot arm for approaching, grasping and relocating the object. One picture is worth more than 10,000 words. Image processing has become the most common and powerful emerging technology. Machine vision is supposed to be pioneer future technology. Machine vision gives flexibility to identify and manipulate any surrounding object. Ensuring reliability and reducing per unit cost are two fundamental objectives of process automation in manufacturing industry. The focus is on the technical details of pick and place robot. For a pick and place application accurate positioning is essential in assuring product quality and also fast and stable operating speed enables high product rate to be achieved. Also colour is the most common feature to distinguish between objects, sorting, recognizing and tracking.