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Detection Of Fuel Theft And Vehicle Position With Third Party Monitoring Software

Every aspect of day-to-day activities is affected by some type of control system. Control systems are found in abundance in all sectors of industry such as quality control of manufactured products, automatic assembly line, machine-tool control, space technology and weapon systems, computer control, transportation systems, power systems, robotics, automobile sector as well. These kind of technologic developments in automobile sector are especially on electronic gear, balance, ant slip, security systems. The other important application of them is the measurement system which has the same age with automobile history for fuel level of automobile tanks. The project examines to detect the amount of fuel that has been larcened and also to determine the position of the vehicle at a particular time. Third party monitoring software is a user interface that updates the information automatically into database which helps to retrieve the data as and when required. Third party monitoring software provides driver’s information to the owner. It shows the status of the vehicle. The techniques we are going to propose minimizes the time and have an efficient output and minimizes the theft. This project helps to minimize the theft and hence to put a step ahead to an Indian economy.