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Throughput Analysis Of WSN

Abstract:- Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) or IEEE 802.15.4 is emerging as a major research field in computer networks over the last decade due to its wide range of applications. These sensor networks have infrastructure-less architecture due to frequently varying topology and link status. Here routing can be the extremely major and challenging task for battery powered resource constrained WSN. This paper evaluates of reactive routing protocols, Ad hoc on demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing protocol. AODV routing protocol is preferred over DSR and DSDV as it performs best considering its ability to maintain connection by exchanging information/data periodically. AODV also performs better as far as throughput is concerned. Whenever there are large number of nodes AODV performs better than DSR and DSDV. In this paper 50 nodes are taken and beacons are transmitted accordingly between the nodes. AODV routing protocol performs Route Discovery using two control messages namely Route Request (RREQ) and Route Reply (RREP).