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Service Based Offloading From Mobile Devices Into The Cloud

With an increase in usage of mobile devices it is always expected that a mobile device perform the execution of all applications the way a desktop device do. Mobile devices have become an integral part of a human life. However, with limited processing power, memory & battery lifetime of mobile phones it becomes difficult to execute computationally intensive applications such as image processing. Computation offloading provides a method to save energy in which some of the application software components can be offloaded from mobile device to run on a remote server. Offloading the computation from mobile devices into cloud will result in extended battery lifetime, improved data storage capacity and processing power. Offloading the computation from mobile devices (low in resources) into cloud (resourceful machine) solves the problem. This research presents service based offloading mechanism which enables execution of multiple computations and service based access mechanism for better purpose. Here to perform multiple computations, multiple services are run both at client side (mobile devices) and server side (Cloud). The cloud modules comprises of Image clustering, Image retrieval and image search service while android module consist of Image storage and management, Login and registration ,Image search and image download service. The execution of multiple services will ensure faster execution and increase in battery lifetime.