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Volume-12,Issue-4  ( Apr, 2024 )
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  1. Volume-12,Issue-3  ( Mar, 2024 )
  2. Volume-12,Issue-2  ( Feb, 2024 )
  3. Volume-12,Issue-1  ( Jan, 2024 )
  4. Volume-11,Issue-12  ( Dec, 2023 )
  5. Volume-11,Issue-11  ( Nov, 2023 )
  6. Volume-11,Issue-10  ( Oct, 2023 )
  7. Volume-11,Issue-9  ( Sep, 2023 )
  8. Volume-11,Issue-8  ( Aug, 2023 )
  9. Volume-11,Issue-7  ( Jul, 2023 )
  10. Volume-11,Issue-6  ( Jun, 2023 )

Statistics report
Jul. 2024
Submitted Papers : 80
Accepted Papers : 10
Rejected Papers : 70
Acc. Perc : 12%
Issue Published : 136
Paper Published : 1596
No. of Authors : 4179
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Call for Reviewers/Editorial Members

As a platform for global academic communication, the quality of the journal has always an aspect of attracting much of our attention. To ensure the quality of our publication and to better serve the peers in academic circle, we now call for reviewers among professionals and experts of the world. Professionals and experts who meet the following requirements are encouraged to join in us and together, we will work hard to become a world-class academic journal.

Basic Requirements  

    1.The applicant must hold PhD(doctoral) degree, or be Professor of accredited academic institution;
    2.The applicant must have good experience in his/ her specific research field;
    3.The the research field of the applicant must conform to the scope of our journal.

The responsibility of reviewers is to evaluate the quality, relevance, and merit of submitted papers. Comments should be as complete and detailed as possible and contain clear opinions about strengths, weaknesses, relevance, and importance to the field. Reviewers should consider themselves as mentors to the author(s) and comments should be specific and constructive and suggestions should be intended to enhance the manuscript. Reviewers will be asked to confirm the levels of evidence classified by the authors and reflected in the manuscript's contents. Reviewers may be requested to review manuscripts up to four times a year, and may be requested to author a commentary for publication related to the manuscript which they reviewed. Reviewers who consistently exhibit excellent reviews and respond promptly to the editorial requests are considered for invitation to the Editorial Board.

Professional Requirements

Possess a very strong command of the English language, including verbal and written fluency;
Provide a current electronic resume or curriculum vitae;

Provide as areas of expertise/specialty a listing of classifications and sub-classifications for each classification. An additional, optional submission of the applicant's publications and presentations for the past 10 years relevant to his/her indicated areas of expertise/specialty accompanying the required classification listing will greatly increase the likelihood of being selected as a reviewer;

Provide a brief summary outlining previous peer review/editing experience and why he/she is interested in reviewing for AASCIT journals. Such an initiative of interest, in addition to excellent and frequent reviewing is taken into consideration when the Editor-in-Chief extends invitations to join the Editorial Board.

Editorial Requirements

Agree to return manuscripts in a timely manner;
Agree not to distribute the manuscript or to disclose information within the manuscript;
Agree to review the first revision of a manuscript for which he/she provided the initial review;
Agree to be released as a reviewer after two refusals to review, two failures to review, or three late reviews;
Agree to be rated as a reviewer this will reflect future selection to review.
If you are interested in becoming our reviewers/Editorial Board members, please send your email to [email protected]


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