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Volume-7, Issue-8  ( Aug, 2019 )
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  1. Volume-7, Issue-7  ( Jul, 2019 )
  2. Volume-7, Issue-6  ( Jun, 2019 )
  3. Volume-7, Issue-5  ( May, 2019 )
  4. Volume-7, Issue-4  ( Apr, 2019 )
  5. Volume-7, Issue-3  ( Mar, 2019 )
  6. Volume-7, Issue-2  ( Feb, 2019 )
  7. Volume-7, Issue-1  ( Jan, 2019 )
  8. Volume-6, Issue-12  ( Dec, 2018 )
  9. Volume-6, Issue-11  ( Nov, 2018 )
  10. Volume-6, Issue-10  ( Oct, 2018 )

Statistics report
Oct. 2019
Submitted Papers : 80
Accepted Papers : 10
Rejected Papers : 70
Acc. Perc : 12%
Issue Published : 79
Paper Published : 1191
No. of Authors : 2992
  Special Issue

Special issues may be an effective way to draw attention to specific topics. This journal aims to publish one or two special issues every year. Experienced researchers and or practitioners are welcome to propose, organize, and guest edit special issues around topics of their interest and expertise. 

You will be the editor-in-chief of the special issue once you organize the special issue. 

In your proposal file, please include the following: 
-> Proposed title of the Special Issue
-> Indicate what type of Issue (Thematic or Research)
-> Expected date of publication
-> Editor(s)provide brief notes for each of the guest editors, including position/affiliation, any previous editing projects/experience and key publications
-> Descriptiona 300-500 word summary about your Special Issue, including what intervention is being made and why it’s relevant to darkmatter. How you plan to generate the content, e.g. through a Call for Papers and/or existing contributors.

-> Contents- if possible, provide a provisional listing of your special issue, including author names, article titles, any abstracts. (Note: this is not required at proposal stage if not available). 

You are welcome to contact us to discuss your initial ideas. Or submit a proposal by emailing 
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