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Analysis of Network Security in Ios

With the recent evaluation in the field of smartphone industry, people are relying more on smartphone technology to carry out certain operations. Some of the operations involve interaction of personal or sensitive data with outer world that makes device vulnerable to the threat of malware. These threats vary from spyware that hacks sensitive information, such as location data, credit card information or contact data. With the ever increasing challenge of malware attacks, smartphone companies keep on updating their operating systems which is evidence of acceptance of the fact that user’s sensitive information can be compromised by any external attack. In this effort we evaluate overall security provided by iPhone Operating system over network, specially all the challenges conforted whenever there is any operation that is involving communication or interaction with network. Our analysis is to describe all the pitfalls and myths related to network security in iOS, to provide scalable security model for iPhone users and to establish basic standards operating procedure for usage of iPhone device over network. Keywords - iPhone Operating System (iOS), Kerberos Protocol, Snooping, Spoofing and Phishing.

Author - Ahmed Sadiq, Arifa Mirza

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| Published on 2018-08-09
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