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Energy Efficient Equidistant-based Routing Protocol in WSN-Assisted IOT

Author :M.Yuvaraju, K.A.Pranesh, Gobinath

Article Citation :M.Yuvaraju ,K.A.Pranesh ,Gobinath , (2018 ) " Energy Efficient Equidistant-based Routing Protocol in WSN-Assisted IOT " , International Journal of Advance Computational Engineering and Networking (IJACEN) , pp. 32-35, Volume-6, Issue-12

Abstract : Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) distribute hundreds to thousands of inexpensive micro-sensor nodes in their regions, and these nodes are important parts of Internet of Things (IoT). In WSN-assisted IoT, the nodes are resource constrained in many ways, such as storage resources, computing resources, energy resources and so on. Robust routing protocols are required to maintain a long network lifetime and achieve higher energy utilization. In this paper, we propose a new energy-efficient centroid-based routing protocol (EECRP) for WSN-assisted IoT to improve the performance of the network. The proposed EECRP includes three key parts: a new distributed cluster formation technique that enables the selforganization of local nodes, a new series of algorithms for adapting clusters and rotating the cluster head (CH) based on the centroid position to evenly distribute the energy load among all sensor nodes, and a new mechanism to reduce the energy consumption for long-distance communications. In particular, the residual energy of nodes is considered in EECRP for calculating the centurion’s position. Our simulation results indicate that EECRP performs better than LEACH, LEACH-C and GEEC. In addition, EECRP is suitable for networks that require a long lifetime and whose base station (BS) is located in the network. Keywords - Centroid, Nodes Routing Protocol, Wireless Sensor Network.

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-6, Issue-12


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| Published on 2019-02-21
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