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Paper Title :
Blockchain Enabled Quality Tracking and Traceability of Dairy Products

Author :M.R.Sumalatha, Thrishya R, Sai Anchana S A, Shrinitha S

Article Citation :M.R.Sumalatha ,Thrishya R ,Sai Anchana S A ,Shrinitha S , (2023 ) " Blockchain Enabled Quality Tracking and Traceability of Dairy Products " , International Journal of Advance Computational Engineering and Networking (IJACEN) , pp. 17-23, Volume-11,Issue-2

Abstract : In recent times, small children contract viral infection and diseases due to the consumption of adulterated dairy products. These can also be seen in adults which can result in chronic illness. To acknowledge this fact and to safeguard the health of the citizens, the diary supply chain concept has been introduced. The classical supply chain model is controlled by a third party organisation that faces downtime issues on node failures. Compared to the manual labour work and the efforts being involved in the production of milk, the farmers do not get paid accordingly. Considering these issues, we propose a blockchain-enabled dairy supply chain system. Common dairy products like milk, butter, cheese and ice cream are traced from milk production till the final commodity produced. Blockchain enhances the traceability of diary and builds trust among the users involved such as the farmers, manufacturers, retailers and the consumers. The proposed system also promotes security where unauthorised users cannot modify the product details stored in the blockchain. Covering the basic requirements, the proposed platform also focuses on preserving the nutritional value of all products thereby increasing the trust among the consumers. In cases of adulteration, the products are not allowed to be added in the blockchain by checking the nutritional composition of the dairy product. By doing so we prevent any kind of adulteration and the farmer can also make sure that the consumer is receiving the dairy product just like they have produced. Thus, this paper introduces quality testing of the manufactured products along with traceability of the product developed among different users of the system. Keywords - Smart Contract, Blockchain, Metamask, Truffle, Ethereum

Type : Research paper

Published : Volume-11,Issue-2


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| Published on 2023-05-12
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