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A Review On Peer To Peer Botnet Detection Techniques

Now a days Botnets are one of the most serious threat to internet world. Most of the botnets have centralized command and control architecture. However, peer-to-peer structured botnets have gradually emerged as a new advanced form of botnets. Without command and control servers, Peer to peer botnets are more resilient to defense countermeasures than traditional centralized botnets. This report provides systematic study of Peer to peer botnets. This report highlights analysis of four distinct important techniques. The distinct techniques studied, analyzed and reviewed are Using Multiphase flow Model, Using Correlation Algorithm, Using Irregular phase Similarity and Using Preliminary Host and Network Based analysis. All these techniques are better solution to detect Peer to Peer botnets .Some important findings are False positive rate is more in case of Multi-phased flow model whereas less when using Behavioral Correlation Algorithm. It is able to identify unknown Peer to peer botnets even in the case that target network had only a single bot when technique used based on Irregular phased similarity.Using Preliminary host and network based analysis ,we need to spend a lot of time in accomplishing the continuous characterization due to network violations in emerging peer to peer botnets. Index Terms—Botnet,Command and Control,Peer to Peer

Author - Pranita Sangit, Rajashree Shedge

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| Published on 2015-09-03
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